Glass Eye Studio Retail Dealer *CRYSTAL RIVER GEMS*
Glass Art. Paperweights, Ornaments, Planet Weights, Eggs, Spheres, Vases and Bowls.

2014 New
595 Copper Blossom    Price: $158.00
2014 New 523F Star is Born    Price: $105.00
2014 New 516F Pillars of Creation    Price: $105.00
2014 New Celebration OL178 LE   Price: $48.00

412-391-5310 Mon-Fri 10am-6:00pm Sat 10am-3:00pm EST


We Strive to be Your #1 Glass Eye Studio Approved Retail Dealer. While others sell Glass Eye products we are committed to providing the best service 100% Guaranteed. We are a retail dealer for the Glass Eye Studio in Seattle, Wa. For over 12years we have been promoting GES products, resulting in well over 12,000 products sold. Please browse our various departments that we update bi-annually. We are constantly adding new products so make sure to frequently check to see what is new!
Travel the Galaxy...Through Celestial Planet Wonders...
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